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Your donation changes lives like Généviève's.

Fairtrade has made such a difference for farmers like Généviève, from Côte d'Ivoire. She works tirelessly on her cocoa farm so she can build a better future for her family and community.

But right now only a minority of farmers can benefit from Fairtrade. Most farmers are still at the mercy of unpredictable market prices.

And when prices plummet, it’s a disaster. Children can’t go to school, providing your family with food becomes challenging, and vital medical treatment becomes unaffordable. Your donation helps fight this.

Anything you can give helps grow the Fairtrade movement. More Fairtrade means more farmers getting a guaranteed Fairtrade Minimum Price they can rely on. And more Fairtrade Premium payments to invest in their community and their businesses.

Fairtrade has transformed of over 1.66 million lives already. But there’s so many more farmers and workers we want to help. Your donation helps us reach them and convince more people to buy Fairtrade.

Donate monthly – Join the Fairtrade movement

Fairtrade helps some of the poorest communities in the world trade their way out of poverty. We’ve seen this happen across the world over the past 25 years, but we know it doesn’t happen overnight.

Making a regular donation helps us offer long-term support to farmers, as they take up the long-term project of producing to Fairtrade’s high ethical and quality standards.

Your donations allow us to offer training programmes, business development opportunities and projects like our Women’s School of Leadership to farmers like Généviève, working hard with us to change the global system and escape poverty.

The Fairtrade Foundation

The Fairtrade Foundation is part of Fairtrade International, a group of charities, producer networks and workers groups from around the world committed to a fairer deal for those producing the food and products we use every day.

Our priorities are set by those farmers and workers signing up to Fairtrade. So you know your donation will provide those communities with the opportunities and support they need most.