'We are working, fighting for our children to have a better future'
A member of the Coobana co-operative, Panama.

Across the world, farmers and co-operatives often find themselves at the mercy of a trade system that is stacked against them.

On their own, they stand little chance of challenging the multinationals and getting a fair price for the food they work so hard to grow. With a gift from you today, we can help bring Fairtrade to more small farmers all over the world, so they can earn a fair price for their produce and invest in their futures.

Your gift could help farmers to become part of the Fairtrade movement. 

In practical terms this means helping give them access to markets and our producer networks, so they can improve the productivity of their business, introduce new technology and negotiate better deals with companies. 

This will provide crucial impetus towards becoming Fairtrade certified and getting a fair price for their produce. With the additional income this provides, farmers can invest in their businesses and communities, become independent and earn enough to feed and educate their children.

Your donation will not only support projects to bring Fairtrade to more farmers and workers, but also help them improve their farms, build demand for their produce and help strengthen their voices to negotiate a fairer deal - so they can truly trade their way out of poverty.

Becoming Fairtrade helped Coobana to properly feed and educate their children – your gift today can help another community to do the same.​


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